About HRPA

Founded in 2008, the HR Professionals Association, a global nonprofit association headquartered in the United States, was created for the purpose of collaboration, sharing of best practices and policies, and to help provide education and tools to advance the HR profession. The HR Professionals Association is one of the biggest influencers globally in HR, with over 250,000+ followers in social media alone. The HR Professionals Association Conference is fully integrated within the Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress, an annual conference dedicated to sharing best practices and insights for the HR, employee benefits, corporate wellness, healthcare, and insurance industry.



The Goals of HR Professionals Association:

  • To provide resources and collaboration tools for HR professionals to collaborate and share documents, resources and tools to help them better preform their jobs and to implement new programs and services
  • Create an educational platform to advance HR Professionals in every segment of their professional lives and help them to advance their career and knowledge
  • To promote innovation in the Human Resources Profession and Industry
  • To help HR professionals pilot technology solutions too easy their day to day tasks and administration and management

The Human Resources Professionals Association focuses on these six core areas:

  • Global HR
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Recruitment, Learning and Development
  • Account Management
  • HR Technology
  • Talent Management

Our Human Resources Association also will focus on sharing best practices and standards through:

  • Industry Surveys, Reports, White Papers, Publications
  • Professional Certification Programs: Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®, Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist®, Self Insurance Certified Specialist®, Certified Voluntary Benefits Specialist® NEW Designation Programs: Certified Corporate Fitness Professional®, Certified Corporate Nutrition Professional® CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Collaborative Think Tank Sessions & Roundtable Discussions: Healthy Foods in the Workplace Forum, Global Women’s Leadership Summit, Wearables Device Competition & Employer Think Tank, Onsite Clinics in the Workplace, Employer Direct Contracting Summit CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Live Educational Events & Seminars

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